2019 TOTAL SOLUTION TO SAGGY JOWLS made by Victoria Renee from Southern California small lab produced the long awaited Saggy Jowls & Face solution.

In Los Angeles, CA — Lead Researcher Victoria Renee headed a small lab in Southern California, CA where they made a ground-breaking remarkable research discovery that could potentially solve the problem of saggy loose skin.

Ms. Renee the Lead researcher was shocked by the overwhelming response to their research breakthrough. Happily she said “We’re a small lab, and totally unprepared for this kind of press attention. The phone hasn’t stopped ringing for a week.”

Last Friday when making a press conference, Ms. Renee and her team unveiled a surprisingly simple “treatment” which dramatically restores skin to a youthful condition.

Scientists have in the past linked saggy skin, loose yappy skin, especially on the jawline, cheek, neck and facial shrinks to a toxic protein and this is exactly what the Renee research targets to solve thereby brings the amazing solution of a youthful fresh looking restoration.

“As we ages, this toxin protein eats away at elasticity and firmness,” explained Mrs. Renee. “But we found a way to reverse this process which effectively lifts, firms, and tightens aging skin.”

Well number of skincare professionals present in the room were highly stunned by the results, especially knowing this solution does not require expensive surgical procedures.

This is indeed an outstanding research breakthrough, well coordinated to target long held skin problem that almost everyone ills to solve, by restoring the saggy, yappy skin to a more profound youthful younger look..

During Ms. Renee presentation, she displayed a graph that shows how an ingredient increased skin firmness and density to 92% which is more than satisfactory result to all user.

She went further to say “But what’s really fascinating is that the combined results create a sculpting or ‘remodeling’ effect,”. “Thereby generating a much younger appearance — as much as 25 years younger, in many cases is highly acheivable.”

Fellow researchers and reporters grinned her with so much questions and request for deeper information on this amazing solution. In subtle response Mrs. Renee mentioned that she and her team have produced a short video which explains how this solution works and how simple it could be used.

And later that afternoon at the event the video was released which within few days went viral both in USA and Canada.

There has been a bombardment of positive comments and responses on the video so far. One of the viewer said, “Very compelling video. I’m more than intrigued by the solution they offer and I’ll definitely try it for myself.”

Without mixing word it is worth nothing that the video also triggered some controversy within the cosmetic community of cosmetic surgeons as this could put a leap of shrink to their target market.

Even while at the conference one of the dermatologist said, “This is definitely exciting new research. If it works as well as the evidence suggests, I can see why surgeons would be concerned — who wouldn’t prefer something simple, safe, affordable and effective that can be used at home?”

Good luck as you make informed decisions….


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